What does “compatible” mean regarding labels?

In the world of labels, compatible means 'suitable for'. We produce quality compatible labels suitable for many popular named brands but at a better price! Zolemba manufactures all compatible label products in-house in the Netherlands.

Do your labels contain BPA?

No, they do not. All our label products are BPA-free.  We do not use Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S as raw materials or as additives in the production of self-adhesive labels.


Can I test with the different materials you have available for custom printed labels?

Yes! For custom printed labels, you can request a material sample kit that we call a ZolemBase, free of charge and without obligation. This sample kit contains all our materials with various adhesive types. This will help give you a good impression of the materials available including full-color printing. Get in contact with our customer service team for more information.