When will my order be delivered?

Standard Labels

Completed orders that are placed between Monday-Friday before 9 p.m. (+1 UTC) will be dispatched within the same day.

Custom Printed Labels

For custom printed labels, that have been paid and file-approved before 9 a.m., the following applies:

  • For 'Ultra-fast production' (24hrs); your order will be dispatched the following business day.
  • For 'Fast production' (72 hrs); your order will be dispatched within 3 business days.
  • For 'Standard production' (120hrs); your order will be dispatched within 5 business days.

Please note: Should the file(s) be approved after 9 a.m., production will begin the next business day.


What is the delivery time with prepayment orders?

Should you choose the method of payment as prepayment (bank transfer), it may take an additional 1 – 3 business days before we successfully receive the payment. Upon receipt, an order confirmation will be sent via email and your order will continue.


Can I expedite my order?

Depending on the country of delivery, expediting your order may not be possible. In most cases, deliveries have only the option of standard delivery. Get in contact with our customer service team should any questions arise.